A Summer Abroad..

I have always wanted to visit the United Kingdom, and I am thrilled I have the opportunity to study abroad in London for five weeks. Over the course of five weeks, I hope to explore the city of London and soak in as much of the British culture as possible. I am fascinated by the rich history of England, the artifacts, castles, and buildings, which are so well-preserved or so I have heard.

I would love to meet local London residents to learn what they do in their day-to-day lives. I find it interesting to compare American culture to Great Britain, and find so many similarities and differences. I would also like to discover how the people of England feel about American politics, and the new president of the United States. Some people may not care and others might have strong opinions, but I think understanding an outsider’s viewpoint of the American political system would be quite fascinating.

I had my doubts about studying abroad, rather than applying for an internship this summer, but I believe the experiences I am going to have on my trip abroad will help me in my future career as a public relations professional. My experience abroad is a talking point for employers, and can broaden my network with professionals in another country.

Lastly, I hope to learn about British mass media and communication. I am a strategic communication major, and want to learn about a foreign media system. It will be interesting to uncover whether or not British media has extreme biases like American media, and if that affects British citizens’ views on the media, positive or negative. I can’t wait to share my experiences on my blog, and all the fascinating things I will learn on my trip.

To hear more about my experiences, feel free to check out my blog at jeremyrinlondon.wordpress.com.

By: Jeremy Rives

PPRA Annual Meeting Honors Temple Communications Student With Dr. Jean Brodey Award for Student Achievement

Marissa Reale, (’18), was the recipient of the Dr. Jean Brodey Student Achievement Award at this year’s Philadelphia Public Relations Association (PPRA) annual meeting. The award is given annually to a college junior or senior who has exhibited outstanding professional promise in the field of public relations, has an excellent academic track record and contributes to his or her community. Only one student is selected from among student nominees from colleges in the Greater Philadelphia region.


“I am so honored to be selected to receive such a prestigious award. It’s incredible to be recognized by such a fantastic organization. I love the opportunities this organization gives to students, as well as Temple University for being so connected to its surroundings,” Reale said.

Reale is the seventh Temple student to receive the Brodey award, the most from any university in the region since the award’s inception in 2002.

She is heavily involved in Temple’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and Temple’s only and nationally affiliated student-run PR firm, PRowl Public Relations. Reale serves as Vice President and Assistant Firm Director, respectively. She is also a member of PPRA.

The meeting took place on Thursday, June 22 at the new Museum of the American Revolution in Old City, Philadelphia.

KYW Newsradio’s Pat Loeb served as the moderator for the evening. Attendees also heard from Terrance C.Z. Egger, Publisher and CEO of the Philadelphia Media Network, and Michael Days, editor of the Philadelphia Media Network’s three media properties —


the Philadelphia InquirerPhiladelphia Daily News, and Philly.com.




Working & Writing: My Idea of Summer Fun

Hi all! Joei DeCarlo, upcoming Director of Public Relations here! Like most students no matter our age, I love summer simply because I get a break from classes. But, once classes wrap up, I find myself missing having a small assignment or feeling like I’m missing something when I don’t have notes to review. As sad as it sounds, I like keeping busy and a full-course load just seems to keep me happy. Thankfully, I am keeping busy this summer in multiple ways. I’m working two part-time jobs that I have been with for years.  One is a receptionist position at our family’s hair salon, DeCarlo Hair Salon. My other job is a legal assistant position in Center City, Philadelphia. I also babysit awesome kids whenever I can. You’d think each of these jobs would be enough… but not for me!

When I’m not working either job, babysitting, or trying to become great at practicing yoga, I am writing for RowHome Magazine. RowHome is a quarterly lifestyle magazine that focuses on South Philly and its surrounding areas. Born and still residing in South Philly, writing for RowHome is one of my favorite things to do every few months! I have had the opportunity to write for them for about a year now, and each piece I work on is different. If I am not working on a piece for one of the issues, I am working on a piece for their blog, just like this one! Some of my favorite stories were about a new wedding venue, interviewing kids who are accomplishing amazing things, and going to a taco festival!

I will get assigned a story and my first task is to reach out to whoever I will be interviewing, or reach out to someone about an event I will be attending. After an interview or event, I jot down my notes and use them to write whatever I will be posting on the blog or submitting for the physical magazine. I have found that the hardest part about writing is coming up with a snappy title. I usually save this for last and hope that I come up with something that will pull a reader in. Did it work for this? I hope so!

If you ever want to discuss magazine or blog writing with me, feel free to reach out! Also, if you find yourself curious about the tacos I got to taste, check out my blog post here: https://gohomephillyblog.com/2017/05/13/lets-taco-bout-philadelphias-first-taco-festival/

Anyone interested in learning more about RowHome Magazine should check out their website here: http://www.gohomephilly.com/index.cfm?id=751963&fuseaction=browse&pageid=64  You can view their media kit and check out the archives section where you can view digital versions of past issues. Look out for some of my pieces!

By: Joei DeCarlo

Summer is the Time..

Summer is the time to have your toes in the sand, ocean breeze in your hair, and not a care in the world. Those were my intentions as I ended my semester until my inbox lit up with an email from WFMZ-TV 69 News. The company offered me a spot as one of their news interns for the summer! I am interning two days a week from 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. The days are jam-packed with wonderful opportunities! I get to go out into the field with reporters and photographers covering different stories around the area, create packages, write voice-overs for the evening newscasts, expand my knowledge of producing a newscast, and I’m able to sit in the control room and newsroom observing the live shows. My life couldn’t get any better than this, until I received another email from another internship I applied for for a summer position. This is crazy, right?! I couldn’t believe it! I ended up accepting a second internship at ASR Media Productions in Bethlehem, PA near Steel Stacks. I work there two days a week as well. At this internship, I get to edit short segments for their shows and go out on shoots throughout the area.

These internships keep me very busy, but I am getting a great amount of hands-on experience and learning more and more every day I step into the office. If you thought handling two internships were a lot, you are sadly mistaken. On top of the internships, I also work as a server at Red Robin in Quakertown, PA on the weekends and hangout with my family and friends from home. The lack of sleep can be a lot sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade these summer experiences for the world.

After working these 12 crazy weeks, I am finishing up my summer with a family vacation to Hawaii! I am very excited! I have never been to Hawaii before and we are going for two whole weeks. We plan on hiking volcanoes, snorkeling with turtles and other fish, walking through a huge sunflower field, laying on the beach, learning to surf, visiting Pearl Harbor, tasting their delicious food, and enjoying their amazing waterfalls. This is a much-needed trip, which will happen right before I go back to school for the fall semester of my senior year. It’s sad because I have one year left at this amazing university, but also exciting because I am graduating and starting off in the real world.

So far, this summer has been a fun and exciting rollercoaster ride with ups and downs and I can’t wait to tackle more of it in the upcoming months. Now, off to the next adventure!

By: Morgan Kruczek

A Summer of Organizing, Cruising, and Writing..

For over a year now, I’ve been volunteering with the Eastern Service Workers’ Association.  It’s a poverty alleviation association that assists low-paid service and temporary workers, in addition to those retired and living on a fixed income. We provide benefits in addition to fighting government policies that keep people poor.  Our benefits include emergency food distributions, clothing distributions, utility advocacy, and legal and medical sessions by volunteer professionals.  A year ago, I served as the Volunteer Coordinator for about three months.  This summer, I will be the Membership Coordinator, responsible for meeting and interacting with members of the organization.  I’m very excited to see the organization grow and for more people to become aware of it!

From July 13-22, I will be attending a 10 day cruise with my mother and some church members to the Bahamas in celebration of a church member’s 80th birthday party!

I will also be maintaining my job at the Temple University School of Law in the Alumni office, in addition to working on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as a toll collector.

All the while, I’ll be learning to be in each of the positions I will do next year.

I can’t wait to bring all of the skills that I learn this summer to PRSSA.  I’m excited for the year ahead, the great people with which I will be working, and everything in between!