Mentorship Match Spotlight

sam and clarissa

Left to right: Mentor Sam Grinnan with her mentee, Clarissa Ford.

Meet mentor Sam Grinnan and her mentee, Clarissa Ford. Sam is a senior at Temple University majoring in strategic communications with a concentration in public relations. Clarissa, a freshman at Temple, is majoring in journalism and minoring in public relations. Outside of PRSSA, Sam is the Communications Director for the Temple Owls’ Mens Ice Hockey Team and Clarissa hopes to get involved with the Temple News and the Temple Community Service Club next semester. Both are interested in sports PR, just one of the reasons they were matched together this fall.

Since becoming mentor and mentee, Sam and Clarissa have discovered a mutual love for coffee, hockey, the Buffalo Sabres  -which both cite as “odd” being in this area- and many other interests. Sam describes her and Clarissa as being “twins” with how much they have in common, while Clarissa said, “[Sam] is not only my mentor, but also someone who has become a close friend. I feel confident in talking to her about almost anything.”

Sam on why she wanted to be a mentor: I wanted to get involved with as much as possible when I joined PRSSA. I also really like to help people and I felt I had enough experience to be able to guide someone else! I was looking to not only be a friend to my mentee, but be someone they feel they can come to with any issues- whether they be needing help deciding what classes to take or something more serious!

Clarissa on why she wanted to be a mentee: The mentorship program immediately sparked my curiosity because I was already looking for guidance from a peer I could relate to. I was hoping a mentor would give me advice on how to stay on track in college with my studies, extracurricular activities and preparing for my career.

What types of activities have you done together, in both a professional and/or personal capacity?
Sam, “While we’ve both been pretty busy, we have met for coffee and dinner and also attend PRSSA meetings together. We are always chatting though, texting, tweeting, etc. though!”

Clarissa, “Sam and I first met over coffee at Saxby’s where she was gracious enough to pay for my drink. We introduced ourselves and found many similarities. She offered some great advice from what classes to take and avoid to what to do in awkward communal living situations. Sam has experienced many of the freshman struggles I am currently having, but she gave me ideas on how to overcome them. We talk to each other several times a week about sports and school. She has been a wealth of knowledge and has offered to help me on numerous occasions.”

Moving forward, what plans do you have for the mentorship program together?

Sam, “I am hoping to help Clarissa make decisions I found I had a hard time with during my first two semesters. I know she is considering changing her major and I did the same mid-college. It can be an emotional process, so I want to be there for her! If she wants help with her resume, class work, finding an internship, etc., I would be more than happy to do so! Outside of school and such, I look forward to spending more time just being friends. We are even planning on catching a Flyers game together soon!”

Clarissa, “Sam’s involvement on and off campus is both inspiring and motivating. She works with the Temple’s Owls Mens Ice Hocky team and interns for the Philadelphia Flyers and let me know how I could potentially become involved in both. Her well-roundedness is something I admire and hope to achieve myself in my college career.”

To connect with Sam and Clarissa, follow them both on Twitter @samgrinnan and @ExplainsItAll16!