Mentorship Match Spotlight: Caitlin Kummeth and Alissa Steele

Mentorship Spotlight: Caitlin Kummeth and Alissa Steele

Left: Alissa Steele and Caitlin Kummeth before PRSSA National Conference 2013 Opening Night Celebration. Right: Alissa Steele, Caitlin Kummeth and fellow PRSSA member Emily Charles at a volunteer event.

Meet mentor Caitlin Kummeth, our Director of Community Service, and her mentee Vice President of Fundraising Alissa Steele. The two often volunteer together at fundraising events for Variety Children’s Charity and participate in 5Ks. Caitlin has also helped Alissa edit her resume, increase her involvement in PRSSA and even landed her an internship with the Flyers!

Introducing Amber Burns, 2014-2015 PRowl Firm Director!

prssaamberAmber is a senior majoring in strategic communication with a concentration in public relations and minoring in Spanish. Amber has previously served on the executive board as the Director of Public Relations, Director of Social Media and Vice President. This will be her third year as an executive board member. Learn more about PRowl here or check out their blog!

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Hometown: Newark, NJ

Favorite part of PRSSA: Meeting other passionate and hard working students with similar goals and experiences. It’s great that we get to learn so much from each other. Temple PRSSA is an AWESOME community of students!

What’s one activity you like to do with friends and one activity you like to do alone? I love getting together and making meals with friends I don’t get to see often during the week/semester. When I’m alone, I’m a huge bookworm and spend a lot of time reading.

A favorite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Your favorite restaurant in Philadelphia? I’m more of a coffee lover than a foodie. My favorite coffee spots are Bodhi on 10th and Spruce (amazing iced coffee) and Menagerie off of 3rd and Market (awesome iced coffee and lattes)!

What’s something you would like to accomplish before graduating? Contribute my writing to a popular blog like Mashable or The Huffington Post.

Dream travel destination? Greece! I’d hop on a plane in a heartbeat.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Freelance writing and helping brands and small businesses tell and share their stories with the world.

Give a warm welcome to Nicole Beck, 2014-2015 Temple Student Government Representative!

prssanicoleNicole is a senior at Temple University majoring in strategic communication with a concentration in public relations. After transferring to Temple last fall, Nicole quickly got involved with PRSSA, joining the mentorship program as well as our committees. She was elected as Temple Student Government Representative this past spring and this will be her first year on the executive board.

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Hometown: Green Lane, PA

Favorite part of PRSSA: The involvement outside of the classroom such as guest speakers, community service work and a chance to network with others.

What’s one activity you like to do with friends and one activity you like to do alone? One activity I like to do with friends is go hiking, and one activity I like to do alone is yoga.

A favorite quote: “There is no certainty; there is only adventure.” – Anonymous

Your favorite restaurant in Philadelphia? El Vez

What’s something you would like to accomplish before graduating? Study a semester abroad and complete an internship there.

Dream travel destination? My dream travel destination is Australia!

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? Lauren Conrad- she’s smart, successful, classy, creative and inspiring!